Visit Prague

Lenka from Supreme Prague is here to help all Championship spectators from outside of the Czech Republic. She is a professional tour guide so she will show not only how to get to the tournament ballparks but she will also present you a guided tour of Prague.


Your guide in videos is Lenka, a softball player in Joudrs team in Prague. She only plays a Prague league with her friends for fun now, after having ended her active years of playing. Lenka spent one year at Cambridge High School, Ohio, USA, and studied in Germany, Israel, Austria, and Czech Republic. She has a Master´s Degree in History from Heidelberg, Germany. Together with her mother, Lenka owns a small family agency  Supreme Prague where she specializes on private guided tours in Prague and in Czech Republic.

How to get around Prague with public transportation

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How to get to the ballparks? 
Lenka will also advise you how to get to both Championship ballparks. Find all details and instructional videos in the Ballparks section.

Check out more videos which can help you to get ready for your Prague experience