The Men's World Championship takes place in a newly renovated Svoboda Ballpark, the home of the Joudrs Praha Softball Club. The Hippos Havličkův Brod will also host at their home filed, Hippos Arena..

!NOTE that parking at the ballparks is not possible, we strongly recommend taking advantage of public transportation!

Svoboda Park - Joudrs Praha Ballpark

Address: Dolákova 555/1, Praha 8

Public Transportation

The easiest way to get to Svoboda Park is by subway – line C, stop Kobylisy. Follow the Bohnice direction and take bus 102 or 200 to Sidliste Bohnice. Continue in Fertekova Street to the public entrance at Dolakova Street.

See the instructional video by Supreme Prague

Hippos Havlíčkův Brod Ballpark

Address: Plovárenská 3820, 580 01, Havlíčkův Brod
The ballpark is located 10 minutes away (walking) from the bus or train station.

From one ballpark to another

The best way to travel from Prague to Havlickuv Brod or the other way around is by train.

You need to travel from Prague Main/Central Station to Havlickuv Brod Main/Central Station.

To get to the Prague's Station you need to take subway line C - a bus from the Svoboda Ballpark will take you to the "Kobylisy" station. Get off at the "Hlavni Nadrazi" station (Main/Central Station) - it's only four stops.

Schedules and Connections

Schedules of public transport you can search via website (picking your language preference in bottom).

If you go by car

If you go by car please keep in mind parking at the ballparks and surrounding areas won´t be possible.

Visiting Regulations

Please, make sure to read the Visiting Regulations e.g. It is prohibited to enter with animals, especially dogs. Smoking is prohibited in all area.

See the Visiting Regulations HERE