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Trophy, medals, unveiled in Prague

13.06.2019 | WBSC

​PRAGUE, Czech Republic – WBSC Softball Chairman Tommy Velazquez, the Mayor of the City of Prague, Zdeněk Hřib, and the President of the Czech Softball Association, Gabriel Waage, jointly unveiled today the trophy of the WBSC Men’s Softball World Championship. The trophy and the medals were presented during the Pre Tournament press conference, held today at the Residence of the Mayor of Prague.

The new design of the trophy will remain the same for the future editions of the upcoming rebranded Men’s Softball World Cups.

“This is an extremely beautiful piece that represents the best of our sport”, said WBSC Chairman Tommy Velazquez. “The new design of the trophy and medals is another step in the modernization of our World events; it definitively give our tournaments more prestige and quality, and for the athletes, it’s a true representation of the proud of claiming a medal for their nations in the top softball event in the world”.

The 45 cms high trophy was designed and manufactured by Italian goldsmiths FRATELLI PAZZAGLIA, in Pisa, Italy, and weights 5 kgs.

The most parts of the trophy are made by metal brass, with details in 24k gold, silver plated, or plexiglass.

The manufacturing process began with the graphic development of the piece (2D and 3D), to have a three-dimensional idea of the encumbrance of the object. The individual components (basically brass components) are produced taking care of every minimal detail. The plexiglass plates were cut with a laser, polished by hand and decorated on the back side with digital print. Later the parts of the trophy are hand-finished. The final step, the most important one, is the assembly of the trophy: in this phase the trophy is assembled with special extreme care, respecting the most rigorous Italian artisan tradition.

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