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Let the Playoffs Begin!

21.06.2019 | Sam Gilman, Denisa Józsová

Come game time today the temperature on the field will be just a little hotter for the teams as the quarter final and placement rounds of the WBSC Men’s World Softball Championship begin.

This is the first direct look at the competition for teams in the A and B pools. Each played through their individual brackets to get to their current positions. Now they face one another in a race to 1st.

The top 4 teams from each bracket are in the quarter finals while the bottom 4 are playing for placement today.

For 8th Singapore and the Philippines meet up first thing. Their winner will take 15th and their opponent will land at 16th in the tournament standings. They’ll be followed by The Netherlands and Botswana for the next two slots up the line. South Africa and Mexico are the third placement game of the day and, ending the night, in a battle for 9th are Denmark and Cuba. The team finishes here will determine their future tournament placements so there is a lot on the line for these teams.

Over in playoff action the Americas are well represented. There are two South American and as many North American teams biding for the title.

First up, Venezuela, 4th in B-Pool, and Japan, currently undefeated in the tournament. Next the USA and Argentina will meet. New Zealand and Australia will be the early afternoon game. This is good news for the Oceania as at least one of their countries will be in the semi-final round. The final game of the night will be Canada and the Czech Republic.

The Czechs pulled off an upset in the 7th hour last night as the rain came rolling in. Their fans are excited to see what they’ll do to entertain them tonight. As the sole playoff representative for the host continent, having their fans packed in the stands should work to settle their nerves.