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DAY 2: Venezuela, USA and Japan win in tight games. Canada, Cuba, Argentina and Australia overpower their opponents

14.06.2019 | Sam Gilman, Jan Hausmann

Venezuela and South Africa started day two of the WBSC Menís World Softball Championship in a heat that rivals the thermometer today. Canada beat Denmark 7:0 and Cuba thrashed Philippines 11:2 in an opening match in Havlickuv Brod. Australia and Argentina overwhelmed their competition. The final games of the night were both nail biters. Team USA was O:2 down, but managed to comeback 5:3, leaving victorious with a score of 5:3 while Japan defeated Mexico 2:1.

South Africa v. Venezuela 0:1 (0:0, 0:0, 0:1, 0:0, 0:0, 0:0, 0,X)

Venezuelan hurler Erick Urbaneja threw a complete game shutout, giving up just 3 hits on the day while striking out 8.

In the circle for South Africa, Tidima Kekana gave up just a single earned run through 6, but that was all it took for Venezuela to take the game.

It all came down to mistakes. In the bottom of the 3rd, Coronel Querales hit a single to left to reach, before advancing to 2nd on an error by the left fielder.

Kekana then threw 5 straight strikes, taking out Carlos Eduardo for the 2nd out of the inning, before tossing the next one wild. Querales didnít hesitate off the bag and was home in plenty of time to ring up the sole run of the game. 

Denmark vs Canada 0:7 (0:2. 0:0, 0:4, 0:0, 0:1)

Despite the enthusiasm from their dugout, Denmark couldnít get anything going against Canadaís pitching staff in game three of the WBSC Menís World Softball Championship in Prague.

The duo of Cleary and Lieph tagged out for Canada on the pitching plate to record the shutout. Sean Cleary went 4.0 innings giving up 3 hits while striking out 7. Scott Lieph pitched a perfect inning, striking out 2 while walking 3 in the process.

Denmarkís starter, Jens Terkelsen, pitched 2.2 innings giving up 6 earned runs on as many hits. Lukas Lohmann closed out the game giving up 2 hits and a run.

At the plate it was left fielder Mathieu Royís day to have a game for himself. Over his 3 at bats, Roy fell one shy of the cycle hitting a single in the 1st, a solo homerun in the 3rd and a double in the 4th. Mathieu completes the first game of championship play literally batting 1.000. 

Philippines vs Cuba 2:11 (0:0, 0:3, 1:1, 1:7, 0:X)

The Philippines and Cuba were the first to pair off at Hippoís Arena, the 2nd Czech location hosting the Menís World Softball Championship. In the balmy afternoon sun, Cuba took a comfortable lead early on and never let it go.

With one on the board in the bottom of the 2nd, Yurisamdre Ramos started the rally with a 2 run bomb deep to the left side of center. He then doubled in the 4th, again to the left, driving in Roger Rosete. Juan Rodriguez returned the favor, sending him home before Yuri Rodriguez smacked a triple to the same part of the field to drive in yet another run. In total, Cuba tacked 7 onto  board in the inning.

The Philippines went through 3 pitchers, each giving up a minimum of 3 runs. On offense, Denmark Bathan and Ernesto Binarao each had a run and a hit but Binarao, along with Jerome Bacarisas, were credited with the teamís RBIs for the game. 

Singapore vs Australia 0:10 (0:3, 0:4, 0:0, 0:3)

Game 5 of the Menís World Softball Championship was the 3rd shutout on the day in Prague. Singapore gave up 10 over four innings to Australia to bring an early close to their first matchup.

Jun Tan and Jun Ong each gave up 4 hits, but it was Australia who capitalized on every last one of them as the team scored 10 earned runs on just 8 hits in the game.

Hayden Mathews had a solo homer in the bottom of the second but it was the bat of cleanup hitter Andrew Kirpatrick that was on fire today. Over two plate appearances he went 2/2 with a triple and a dinger driving in 3 on the day. Not the first guy to bat 1.000 through their first game in championship action, he certainly has the supporting stats to keep it running high should a bad day at the office be in his immediate future.

Pitchers Layton Reid and Harrison Peters combined for the shutout with Reid doing most of the heavy lifting. He threw out 7 over 3.0 innings of action while walking one and giving up a single besides. 

Argentina vs Botswana 8:0 (2:0, 1:0, 2:0, 3:0, 0:0)

Menís championship softball continued this afternoon as Argentina shut out Botswana, 8-0 at Hippos Arena, in a game called for time.

Romeo Tshelametse was the only Batswana pitcher to successfully retire the side during his single inning of action in the 5th. Kagiso Mogale and Pamidzani Madzulugwa covered the remaining innings each giving up 3 earned runs off 4 hits.

The remaining additional runs for Argentina crossed on errors. It looks like there were some costly issues in center for Botswana with one runner reaching, and another later scoring, on errors at the position.

On both sides of the field today it was a team effort for Argentina. Nothing pops off the page in terms of batting, just some great small ball to back up their pitchers in both halves of the inning. 

Netherlands vs USA 3:5 (1:0, 1:0, 0:4, 1:0, 0:0, 0:1, 0:X)

It was a tight volley to the end here tonight at the Menís World Softball Championship in Prague. After a full afternoon of runaway shutouts, heading into the bottom of the 6th with a 1 run difference between the teams made it feel like the sun never went down the atmosphere was so intense.

Team USA stuck with their starter, Antonio Mancha, through all 7. He gave up 2 earned runs off 6 hits while striking out 13. The Dutch split their pitching staff duties between Jeroen Mulder, who gave up 4 earned runs off 3 hits, and Jeffry Visser, who managed to hold the Americans to a single earned run through 3.2 innings of work.

The surprise this game was that there was no good time for a beer run with the #9 and #7 batters for America and The Netherlands respectively, being the highest producers on the night.

For the Dutch, Anthony Beaumont had 2 hits and an RBI in his three trips but it was Yusef Davis Jr. who made the biggest impact on the board in the Americansí 5-3 victory over The Kingdom of the Netherlands. Jr. went 2-3 with two runs off 2 hits and finished the game hitting .667. 

Mexico vs Japan 1:2 (0:0, 0:0, 0:0, 0:1, 1:1, 0:0, 0:X)

Mexico and Japan gave viewers an extra shot of adrenaline to get them through the remainder of the Friday night festivities here at the Menís World Softball Championship.

In their 2-1 victory, Japan stuck with their starter, Hikaru Matsuda through 6 before bringing in Hiroki Ikeda to close the door. Matsuda struck out 11 while giving up 1 earned run off 2 hits. Mexicoís starter, Jonathan Muñoz pitched a complete game giving up 2 earned runs off 3 hits. He walked 7 while striking out 6.

Both pitchers made it through 3, scoreless, before Japan hopped on the board with a solo home run by Tsukasa Oishi. He took it deep into center, tailing right on itís way out.

The teams exchanged runs in the 5th. Mexico played good small ball with a single from Ernesto Sanchez. He advanced to 2nd on a HBP, taken by Marco Gonzalez, then scored on a deep single to center from Daniel Durazo. At nightís end, another solo dinger was the difference as Tomonori Inoue drove himself in for the win at the bottom of the inning.